Presenting Leadership for Social Justice
Integrated Service Delivery
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What is ISD?

Franklin School

Why was ISD made?

How was ISD built?

What happened as a result of ISD?

How would it work in my school?

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The development of this multimedia case was made possible through support from the Wallace Reader's Digest Foundation, the Wisconsin Center for Educational Research and the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education. The opinions expressed in this case may not reflect the views of the sponsoring agencies.

Colleen Capper's prior research at Franklin and expertise in student services framed the issues involved in the case. We would like to thank Andrea Leffingwell and Tia N. Samihadji for organizing the original case material as part of a class project. Deb Hoffman, Marilyn Smith, Nabee Her, Dean Bowles and Chris Fassnacht were generous with their time and insights as we built the case content. Tia N. Samihadj, Jongmin Kwon, Youlkwan Sung, Beth Atkinson provided valuable suggestions and contributions for the case design. We would also like to acknowledge Ann Fox, Norm Fjelstad, Lori Himberger, Lori Schultz, Bill Fry, Sally Conway, Jolene Troia, Matt Clifford and Michelle Counter for providing critical feedback.



Richard R. Halverson is an Assistant Professor in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His work aims to bring the research methods and practices of the Learning Sciences to the world of educational leadership by exploring how to access, document and communicate the practical wisdom of school leaders. Halverson's research develops conceptual frameworks based on cognitive psychology and classical philosophy to capture the complexity, expertise and situated nature of leadership practice and seeks to communicate research findings through developing on-line, multimedia cases of practice. [website]
Yeonjai Rah is a doctoral student in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After earning her master's degree in Educational Administration at Korea University in 2001, she moved to the United States to study student diversity and inclusive education. Currently her research interest focuses on refugee students' school adjustment.



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