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What happened to Franklin as a result of Integrated Service Delivery?

ISD brought sweeping changes to the Franklin instructional program. How did the community determine assess these changes?

In a staff survey conducted in 1999, many teachers felt ISD had a positive effect on their classes. Some teacher comments:

  • A father of one of my ESL children said his son, who is in my class, had learned more in kindergarten than any other child' in his family of five. I also had one of his daughters in my room last year, but in a class of 23 not 17 and with a pull out program.

  • Each day, the children are part of the planning for the day. They know they will be part of each and every activity that takes place during the day. The unit of study is common to all the children. The experience are shared and provide a basis for conversation throughout the day.

Marilyn Smith, a Franklin Elementary School teacher explains the difference ISD made a difference in a life of one ESL student.

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