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What motivated the restructuring at Franklin?

Deb Hoffman built ISD on the existing initiatives at Franklin. Teachers and community members were pushing to reduce class sizes. A 1998 survey showed that teachers:

  • Believed research showed smaller class sizes because was only proven method to increase minority student achievement.

  • Wanted to eliminate pull out programs reduce the number of interruptions and transitions for their at-risk population.

  • Pushed for providing integrated instruction for ESL students.

Franklin teachers came to believe that smaller class size was the key for effective learning environments for all students. Parents and teachers had always maintained a need for even smaller class sizes given the wide range of students and the need to develop literacy in the primary grades.

The ISD design would move specialists inside the classroom to work directly with students. Deb developed buy-in by emphasizing how ISD would help to reduce class size while improving service delivery.

How did Franklin leaders identify school problems?