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Tell me about school leadership

Principal Deb Hoffman came to Franklin with a passion for helping students who traditionally struggle succeed. Her experience as an urban educator in the Milwaukee Public schools prepared her well for the challenges of creating equitable learning conditions.

Deb leads a veteran, well-respected teaching staff at Franklin. A Franklin teacher commented;

We believe that most new administrators would not and have not displayed leadership of her caliber. We have also come away with the feeling that good leaders take charge and try new things; they have a passion for more.

The development of ISD helped Deb realize how to listen to her staff in making changes to the core instructional practices of her school.

In 2000, Principal Hoffman received National Milken Educator Award for her work at Franklin. In addition to her service on many district and state level committees, she has also served on a Federal Comprehensive School Reform committee to share the knowledge she gained through her groundbreaking work with school reform.

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Why was Integrated Service Delivery made?