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Did Franklin accomplish their goals?

ISD provided a powerful occasion to change the instructional culture at Franklin. Did ISD help Franklin to achieve their initial goals?




Reduced Class size




95% of first and second grade students will read at grade level measured by Text Reading Level(TRL) = 16(first graders) and 20(second graders).

no baseline data

1st: 60%

2nd: 88%


Kindergarten and first grade students will be able to write words correctly according to grade level standards as measured by Words I Know score of 10 words at kindergarten and 30 words at first grade.

K: 15%

1st: 10%

K : 66%

1st: 79%

Primary climate survey

By spring 1999, 100% of all Franklin students will complete a primary climate survey as baseline data.


a positive attitude toward school

Continuity in curriculum

100% of students will experience more continuity in their curriculum and school day as measured by teacher perceptions on a school-based climate survey


ALL students are experiencing more continuity

Reduction in pullouts

By spring 1999. Franklin will experience an 85% reduction in pullouts as measured by a count performed by the principal May of 1998 compared to May of 1999

91% reduction in pullouts.

Assessing student learning at Franklin