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Parent resistance

Several parent groups rightly perceived ISD as a disruption of existing services. Principal Hoffman had to communicate to concerned parents how the ISD program would serve their children better than the traditional pullout programs.

Several parent groups took their case to the newspaper, and sought counsel outside the school in their effort to deal with ISD.

  • One parent, a liaison for the Hispanic community, became upset when she found out that Principal Hoffman was asking the board to vote on the ISD proposal even though many ESL parents were not yet informed about the changes.

  • Several Hmong parents were concerned that the new program was mainly targeted to deny their children ESL services and divert resources to white students. The parents felt that losing ESL teachers meant losing their advocates in the school.

  • Many white parents also wondered how the change would affect their children. Several parents were concerned that ISD might increase racial profiling in the school.


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