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District resistance

Franklin leaders needed leeway to reallocate Title 1 resources. Through her coursework, Principal Hoffman's discovered that the US Department of Education authorized a Title I waiver to allow schools to reshape service delivery. In fall 1998, the recent change in the federal law was still unfamiliar to district leaders.

Deb's first request for a Title 1 waiver was denied by the school district. The District Title I coordinator then researched Deb's request, and determined that she could help Deb with paper work to write for the waiver. The district office approved the waiver request and decided to forward Franklin's application to Washington.

However, a district level advisory committee then decided to send a letter to the federal Title I office withdrawing their support for the Franklin Title I waiver application. When the superintendent heard about the advisory committee action, he and others telephoned the federal office to reassert their support. Soon Deb received Title I waiver approval.