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Which resources were used to develop ISD?

Instructional leaders use and coordinate a variety of resources in changing their schools. Here we highlight the financial, human and information resources Deb Hoffman utilized in designing and implementing ISD at Franklin.

Financial resources
Acquiring and allocating resources is a key aspect of school restructuring. Deb Hoffman acquired external resources such as a Comprehensive School Reform Grant and a Federal Title 1 Waiver to provide training and time to plan. She also reallocated existent resources such as special education positions and discretionary budget money to put more teachers in the classroom. Click here for more detail.

Human resources
The ISD design relied heavily on Deb's leadership abilities to call prior practices into question and to plan for change. Most of Franklin's veteran, highly-skilled staff was willing to take on the leadership challenges of ISD. While several members of the neighborhood community complained that ISD would take away needed services, other community members provided vital support for the ISD design and implementation of the program. Click here for more detail.

Information resources
Developing ISD did not mean reinventing the wheel. Deb relied on ideas from her recent coursework at UW-Madison in school restructuring and finance, special education, and the principal ship to guide her work. She also found resources on the details of restructuring in a Comprehensive School Reform workshop, and relied on school district information resources such as needs assessment and strategic planning processes. Click here for more details.

What financial resources were necessary for ISD?