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Which financial resources were required for ISD?

ISD meant new roles for teachers, staff specialists, students and community members. Deb felt resources were needed for planning and training so that school professionals could adjust to their new roles.

In 1998-99 Franklin received over $220,000 for professional development and students with special needs. According to Franklin's1998-99 Utilization of Resources Summary the district contributed $146,000 for professional development, technical support and 2.4 FTE for ESL and supplemental positions. The existing Federal Title 1 program provided another $75,000 for 1.1 FTE in special education.

Collecting these resrouces was only a first step. Even though these programs provided a considerable sum of money, the resources were fragmented between conflicting priorities. Coordinating these resources for comprehensive reform proved a difficult task.

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What were their human resources?