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What was the strategy for building ISD?

Principal Hoffman used a variety of strategies to implement ISD. The central mechanism of ISD is built on reducing class size by adding special and dually certified teachers to classrooms. The design of ISD represented a mutually beneficial compromise to achieve equity in student learning while reducing class size.

Here we highlight how she assigned teachers to create diverse classes while removing pullouts, her efforts to acquire resources to professional development, and how she persuaded teachers, district, and parents to gain support for ISD.

  • Restructuring classrooms
    A key strategy in making ISD work was to ensure that the students in each classroom were matched with appropriately skilled teachers. Principal Hoffman wanted classrooms that balanced the school environment as a whole with student special needs. Each summer she engaged in an intricate process of assigning students and teachers at each grade level, balancing gender and ethnicity while assuring that minority students would not be isolated.>> more details

  • Acquiring resources to provide professional development
    Principal Hoffman drew upon educational research and excerpts from the reform models highlighted in the Comprehensive School Reform (CSR) legislation. The CSR program was built to fund local efforts to fundamentally change the practice of teaching and learning in schools. >> more details

  • Communicating the need for ISD to the community
    Principal Hoffman communicated changes caused by the ISD and their supporting research to parents and the community via the school newsletter and many meetings with parents, staff members, union representatives, school board members, the administration, outside organizations, and holding forums in the Hmong, African American, and Latino neighborhoods. >> more details

How did the leader restructure classrooms?